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Should you have a property for sale or rent and you want to get the best price for it, then to arrange a valuation is a very good start.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call your local Southgate estate agents, Nicholas James, on 0208 886 9462.

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Property Management

Nicholas James currently manage properties based in and around London with a management portfolio of over 250 properties our management team specifically focuses on the running of your property to ensure peace of mind to the landlord

Being a landlord can take time and effort and be extremely stressful when dealing with tenants when maintenance issues arise, especially if you are already a busy individual, which is why more and more landlords opt for the Full property Management service.

Nicholas James will deal with the day to day letting and management process of the property in which the service consists of:

Maintenance issues

Acting swiftly and responsive to any maintenance issue reported by the tenant, we advise all our tenants to report to us anything that seems out of the ordinary straight away as a small wet patch on a ceiling could turn into something more severe if left.

Organising yearly gas safe certificates & Boiler services

A gas safety record is a record, also referred to as a certificate that is required by law to be held for all rental accommodation in the UK where there are gas appliances present. The requirement is enshrined in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. The law requires all gas appliances in a rented property to be checked annually, with a gas safety record being completed and a copy provided to tenants. Gas safety records, Sometimes referred to as a CP12 (From CORGI Proforma 12 when CORGI was a UK body for gas safety matters), are completed by engineers who must be registered with the Gas Safe Register scheme which took over from the previous CORGI scheme in 2009

Quarterly / six monthly property inspections

Routine Safe and Clean Inspections – This is exactly what it says — a routine inspection, performed to ensure that the property is being looked after by the tenants and kept safe. It is also shows to the tenant that the landlord cares about the property and the tenants. This inspection would be conducted every 3 – 6 months; to go any longer and you may lose control of the overall condition of your property. When conducting this inspection we look for issues which the tenant has concerns for or if the tenant may have possibly caused. Again, this inspection is documented & signed by the tenant with a copy provided to the tenant. If there are any issues, a follow-up inspection would be scheduled so you can verify the tenant has corrected the issues they are responsible for. As for those issues you need to address, we would get on it!

Monthly Rent Collection/Invoicing/Account rent statements

Our management department monitor the payment of rents every day, to ensure all tenants pay on time, we use the faster payment service so 9 times out of 10 you should receive you rent on the same day once we have received it in our clients account, once we have forward you your monthly invoice and rent account statement via email, post or fax this usually means that the rent has been deposited into the landlords account every month

Dealing with payments for ground rents, service charges, mortgages

Dealing with ground rents, service charges, mortgages, can be stressful as the company who collects your ground rent, may not necessarily be the same company collecting your service charges, we can handle all these payments on your behalf once we have all the relevant information.

24 Hour emergency line for the tenants

We have a designated 24 hour emergency line for tenants when it is out of office hours, as sometimes tenants can need assistance i.e getting locked out of their property, or a there could be a burst pipe, we have contractors on standby for those emergencies who are available at anytime!

Keeping up to date with lettings legislation/ dealing with legal notices

It is important that you are up to date with lettings legislation as the lettings market is on the increase and legislation can change frequently, our staff our constantly trained and sent out on lettings, management, courses to keep up to date with new government laws.

Renewal of tenancies/ rent reviews

We organise renewal of tenancy agreements every year between the tenant and landlord and advise the landlord depending on how the lettings market is if whether or not a rent increase is viable, when looking to increase the rent the landlord should take into account if the tenant has been a good tenant i.e always paying their rent on time, condition on how the property has been kept as you may not want to ‘Rock the Boat’!

Inventories organising check ins and check outs with inventory clerks

A detailed inventory and schedule of condition is require for Managed properties and is extremely important whether it is furnished or unfurnished this is the document that is signed by both parties tenants and landlord, and should a dispute arise at the end of a tenancy contains the only evidence on how the property was before a tenant moved in. If you do not have an inventory and schedule then you run a major risk of being unable to obtain monies from the deposit as this is what most deposit protection schemes or courts request for. (This is a cost that the landlord will be responsible for).


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call your localSouthgateestate agents, Nicholas James, on 0208 886 9462.

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